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From cookers to washing machines,dishwashers and fridges to automatic coffee machines: Classique Kitchens in Carlisle Cumbria can makes your life easier with innovative home appliances from famous names like AGA, Bosch, Faber, Neff and Siemens.

The complete range of domestic appliances for your home all combining technology, style and design.

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The AGA company was founded by Dr. Gustaf Dalen, a Nobel Prize winning Swedish Physicist. The famous cooker was invented in 1922 in order to help his wife as he found that she was always exhausted by cooking. The aim was to provide a cooker stove that was easy to use, capable of culinary excellence and could also heat the home. Using the principle of heat storage, he combined a small and efficient heat source, two large hotplates and two generous ovens into one robust and compact unit — the AGA Cooker.

Aga cookers were introduced to England in 1929 and their popularity in certain parts of English society (owners of medium to large country houses) led to the term “AGA Saga” being used to refer to a genre of fiction set amongst stereotypical AGA cooker owners.
AGA is an abbreviation of the company name, Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator.

Why are AGA cookers always on?

AGA cookers take a long time to come up to cooking temperature. From cold it can take 18-24 hours to reach peak cooking temperature. AGA cookers are most efficient and effective when left on. Agas also work very hard when starting up from cold which uses up fuel at a significant rate. If you were to use an Aga cooker like a conventional one and turn it on only when needed you would only manage to cook about 3 meals a week and you would also lose all the other benefits associated with them, like warming the kitchen, drying clothes or heating your water, depending on your model.

Do AGA cookers need regular servicing?

Yes, particularly the oil fired model. Over time carbon deposits can build up and can affect the efficiency of your cooker. With regualr servicing this is prevented as these deposits are removed during the servicing process.

Why are there no temperature controls?

The AGA ovens and hotplates provide variation so the first step is to choose the right part of the Aga to cook on. You can gain further temperature adjustment by placing pans etc slightly off the hotplates to varying degrees. Often recipes talk about bringing to the boil and then simmering so, for instance, start off on the boiling plate and then move to the simmering plate. Newer models, like the UIrban Regeneration range have controls on the elctric or gas hob.

Do I need special cookware?

Yes, long term you do, AGA hotplates get very hot. For this reason the cookware you use on them requires a thick base. The bases also have to be very flat so that contact is made on as much an area as possible between the base of the pan and the hotplate. This improves the efficiency of the heat transfer between the pan and the hotplate. Something that you should consider seriously before buying new cookware for your AGA is that the majority of cooking is done in the ovens; for this reason it is recommended that any pans etc that you buy should be oven proof.

How do I dry clothes with my AGA?

Invest in a dolly maid (or clothes dryer). These are suspended above the AGA from the ceiling and are basically a frame onto which wet clothes can be hung. They are height adjustable (via a rope and pulley system) allowing easy loading and unloading and are a great accessory.


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Who are Bosch?

For over 125 years, the Bosch name has been synonymous with engineering excellence. Their home appliances are renowned for their quality, reliability and performance which derives from their inherent, unflagging commitment and the painstaking thoroughness with which every unit is made. As you would expect from German engineering, there are no gimmicks or frills with their products – just pure, clean lines and beautiful, functional simplicity that will enhance any kitchen.

bosch steam oven


Many appliances can be enhanced with optional extras, such as telescopic rails for ovens or special cookware for hobs. When buying a Bosch home appliance, customers know they are purchasing a quality, reliable product.

bosch ovens

Cutting edge design

Precision engineering, sophisticated design and superior performance ensure the easy way to perfect cooking results. Everything they know about energy-saving, green technology has been integrated into their range of feature-rich, built-in appliances.

bosch induction hob


There is a wide range of gas, induction and ceramic hobs to choose from. As you would expect from Bosch, all are made using high quality materials, are easy to use and add versatility, style and elegance to any kitchen.

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faber appliances

Every Faber cooker is designed to be a masterpiece. They combine advanced technology and development and express it through fine design. Quality matched with high performance embodies Faber's style elegance and functionality that has been manufactured in Italy for over 50 years.


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Who are Neff?

Neff manufacture high-end kitchen appliances. They were founded in 1877 by Carl Andreas Neff. They were the first to make a gas oven, introduce a thermostat and make appliances in different colours.

Neff appliances make life in the kitchen a pleasure. Whatever you're doing in the kitchen, you'll find the perfect partner in your Neff appliance. Your kitchen is the centre of your home. It's a place to meet, talk, eat and of course for budding chefs, a place to get creative. Neff have created a full range of quality kitchen appliances.

Neff appliances are designed to change the way you use your kitchen. The innovation at hand allow you to be confident in your kitchen whatever the occasion. Neff appliances work hard, so you can make it look easy.

neff vitafresh


An innovative preservation system reduces waste by extending food life by at least 3 times. By storing your salad items in the VitaFresh® 0˚C drawer, the 90% humidity can extend the life of your produce for up to 3 days, maintaining the nutrition levels as well as preserving the look and taste of your food.

neff ovens

Slide & hide ®

Aside from a stunning design feature, the Slide&Hide® door has very practical safety applications. By removing the hot oven door from your kitchen space, you eliminate the chance of burning your hands or arms by accidental contact. With better access to the oven cavity it’s easier to lift out heavy or large items, avoiding drops or spills.

neff extractor hoods


Grease, steam and odours are unwanted by-products of cooking, but with an effective extractor hood, you can soon be rid of them. Neff has produced an exquisite range of extractor hoods that are not only brilliant in their functionality, but beautifully aesthetic too, creating a dramatic design feature for any kitchen.

neff compact appliances

Compact Appliances

Neff have developed a full range of clever compact appliances designed to enable you to extend your range of cooking options. The range includes a compact oven, CircoSteam ovens, warming drawers and a Coffee centre. In particular, our combination oven microwave models give you the extra flexibility you need in the kitchen.

neff flex induction hobs

Flexinduction ®

Providing greater flexibility by using an enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size that are positioned anywhere within it, giving better control over cooking requirements. FlexInduction hobs have one or two elongated induction zones, providing consistent heat across the whole surface.

neff neff sparkle

neffsparkle ®

Neff have developed the five-point NeffSparkle® Glasscare system. Neff Sparkle® is an automatic programme designed specifically for mixed loads which treats glassware with extra care, and includes AquaVario, a sensitive low-pressure spray system.

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Who are Siemens?

Siemens are a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. They are one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies. They were established in the UK over 170 years ago.

Siemens appliances enable you to cook with pleasure as they aim to take work off your hands. The use of innovative technologies inspire you to be creative in the kitchen and produce delicious dishes.

Appliances from Siemens set new standards with the use of heigh-end materials and stylish, clean captivating design.


iQ700 Ovens with activeClean

Enjoy preparing food without worrying about the consequences. No matter how creative it gets in the oven interior, you no longer need any chemical treatments to get it clean again – only the push of a button. Hassle-free, the oven cleans itself thoroughly with activeClean.


Perfect built in design

Seamless design that complements every kitchen. All appliances in the iQ700 Built-in Appliances Range can be combined perfectly with each other. The iQ700 ovens, compact ovens, coffee centres and warming drawers all line up thanks to the coordinated front panels.


Cooking with steam

Use fullSteam to cook vegetables, fish or potatoes, without losing taste, colour or vitamins. And since no oil is needed, you can cook in the healthiest possible way.

cookControl Plus

Simply select the required dish and enter the weight – the cookControl Plus function immediately provides full colour images with individual recommended settings for perfectly cooking the dish you want. Using cookControlPlus you can achieve the best results for a variety of meals with less to worry about and complete peace of mind.

4D hotAir

Be flexible with your cooking. Choose which shelf you want to cook your food on, now with even more choice. The innovative technology of the fan motor enables optimum heat distribution around the interior of the oven. Your food therefore always turns out perfectly just as you want it, no matter which shelf you choose to place it on


For a calmer kitchen, softMove offers softer opening and closing of the oven door without having to push and pull. The intelligent dampers ensure that the oven door is left to open and close gently and quietly. Available on all iQ700 built-in ovens.

Everything put in a good light

Depending on the model, there are different kinds of illumination inside the oven. Whether it’s the standard Halogen light, LEDs or the most advanced Multilevel LED strip, they all provide a brilliant view of your dishes without having to open the oven door.

the bakingSensor

All that’s left for you to do when baking: prepare the pastry or mix and select the required dish. Innovative sensor technology fitted inside the oven can automatically control the baking process for consistently delicious baking. The bakingSensor constantly measures the moisture levels in the oven interior and is therefore able to tell you when the dish is fully cooked and ready.

roastingSensor Plus

Thanks to three measuring points, the innovative roasting thermometer is able to precisely and reliably measure the core temperature of your dishes. Ideal for meat, poultry and fish, it can even be combined with the integrated microwave and the pulseSteam function. Without the need to keep checking, the roastingSensor gives you the freedom to get on with the rest of your cooking.

the coolStart function

Cooking frozen convenience food in the oven is now even faster thanks to the innovative coolStart function.Using an intelligent heating phase, you can now successfully cook frozen food quickly and without the need to wait for the oven to preheat. Simply place the frozen food into the cold oven, press start, and the dish will be ready according to the manufacturers’ stated cooking time.

the integrated microwave

The iQ700 ovens with integrated microwave can be used in combination with your regular oven or individually as a fully functional microwave, offering more flexibility in your kitchen. This can also free up space due to not needing a separate microwave.

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