Compab have been specialists in bathroom furniture since 1994. They produce high quality modern & classic styled bathroom furniture that is versatile and innovative. They constantly focus on innovative technology and materials in order to produce eye catching, yet functional models that are designed to meet ever chaging style trends.

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Pelipal German Bathroom furniture manufacturers has been designing and developing high quality bathrooms for over 100 years. Their motto is 'think global, act local.' This is a focus of their design as they create a large range of styles to suit all home styles that demonstrates environmental sustainability.

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Compab Bathroom furniture ranges

compab - acanthis


This style is ideal with a floral backdrop. Natural colours inspired by yesteryear. It's purposely retro yet has modern and functional storage areas with a host of technical features. This range is available as a wall mounted or a floor standing versions.

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compab - amazzone range


Inspired by the words of Wordsworth, the Amazzone range has in inherently old style country feel about it. It has a sophisticated air about it and the shades are soft and subtle as it makes a statement in any bathroom without shouting. Perfect for any home.

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compab - argo range


If you like a traditional look with a space saving simplicity is ideal for this type of living. It throws back to old times with its traditional style and a brightness that surrounds all who enter the bathroom. It comes in a rich warm wood finish with a classic look and feel.

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compab - b-go range


Compab perceive the bathroom to be formed by a multitude of things; furniture, fittings, accessories & surfaces. The B-Go range provides a more global feeling by syncing all these aspects together with surfaces textured to the touch for a tactile, warm, emotive feel.

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compab - b201 range


The B201 range is young bathroom, which has trendy finishes & colours that's exceptionally comfortable. It has unique functions & appearance designed to fit in spaces less than large and intended to be experienced totally at any time of the day in a relaxing way.

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compab - b201-color range

B201 Color

Smooth laquer or textured wood effect? Colour and texture are important aspects of design. Colours brings to life the shape and form of elements heightening our state of mind & our perceptions. Wood grain is soothing and pleasing to the touch whilst giving a natural feel.

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compab - barbet range


Barbet comes with a feminine chic that throws back to the 60's. With simple lines that are fresh and elegant whilst being angular and providing a sexy feel through an occasional curve that is accentuated with the occasional use of bold and vibrant colour options.

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compab - cigno range


Cigno makes you feel good about yourself whilst being bright and hospitable. If your style is soft lines complimented by classic forms, this is the bathroom style for you. It uses spacious composition and incorporates the use of antiqued glass with floral decorations.

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compab - delichon range


Delichon has a distinctly antique look to it with extremely detailed floral type swirl decoration on the feet and panel edges that looks hand carved. It gives off a period look that would suit a period style home or for someone who likes antique appearance in thier furniture.

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compab - diamante range


Diamante pays an attention to detail to each particular aspect of the design to give finishes of excellence. Exuberant Italian decorations of flowers, inlays and chiseling provide fine detailing, with linear lines of Nordic taste giving us romantic shapes matched with simple lines.

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compab - finch range


The Finch range is a stairway to colour. The artistic installation is an original form of creative expression. The management of objects and materials set in the confines of time and space can be overlooked at first glance, but then you notice a detail and your eye is captured.

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compab - gura range


The Gura collection is inspired to express the full material sense of wood. The finish is to recapture and restore the feeling of real living wood. The nature inspored finsihes reflect light in a way that reflects light in order to appear different each time it's beauty is viewed.

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compab - ink range


Ink uses natural materials - like solid wood for counter tops.The overall look and sensation are reminiscent of stone and is matched with glass and cutting edge lighting, then set against modern glossy lacquered finshed cabinets. This gives a range that combines the past with the present.

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compab - jacana range


Jacana is a triumph of colour in two different versions; Plain, which is geometrically perfect and incredibly attractive or, Bend, with its gently curved lines, enveloping the senses like an ocean wave. This affords aesthetic perfection with a contemporary flavour with waves of energy.

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compab - jacana-luxury range

Jacana Luxury

In this collection, it's the details that make the difference. Knobs accompanied by Swarovski decorations, surfaces made of 'legno bollito' with a seasoned finish. Basins, shelves and mirrors elevated to a higher standard of finish and custom lighting for providing light at the right points in the room.

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compab - k25 range


K25 has been developed to make the most of natural illumination from natural light. This creates shadows and movement changing our spatial sensations throughout the changes of the day. This improves and diversifies our perception of colour, form and detail, giving character to our spaces.

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compab - krono range


This range is based on rounded cabinets forming a perfect semi-circle. It has a glossy lacquer finish that gives a sense of fluidity. It is a design solution that combines practical design with quiet elegance. It offers maximum comfort even in the most minimalist of settings.

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materials used


Pelipal Bathroom furniture ranges

pelipal German Bathroom makers - back to wall range

Back to Wall

The Pelipal back to wall range was developed through a liason with UK dealers. They took thier expertise and they changed dimensions and added items ensuring it was fit for the UK market and easy to install. The range is available in 2 depths with a choice of square or round basins with differnet finish and colour options.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - balto range


The Balto range fully accomplishes the integration of aesthetics, technology and functionality. It has an innovative lighting system of colour temperature change. On the touch of a button a selection of lighting tones can be achieved from cool, mixed or warm light. The affords the functionality to choose the right light for the task at hand.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - cassca range


With mineral marble basins, optional sensor switches for your lighting and ample storage space the Cassca bathroom is a stylish design with a timeless quality. It has clean lines and smooth curves giving a sleek and eye catching look. the LED lighting offers an even and lasting lighting system for showing of your bathroom.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - contea range


The Contea range shows off Pelipal's advanced manufacturing techniques with curved fronts available in eight finishes including polycarbonate glass, high gloss and horizontal grain reproduction. Contea creates a functional spacious bathroom that merges with good aesthetics creating theluxury appearance of a capacious bathroom.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - leonardo range


Have your bathroom make a design statement with the Leonardo from Pelipal. It comes with sixteen different front options. These include glass and high gloss in white and anthracite along with five horizontal grain options. It delivers coordinating contemporary lines for that new design dimension and a host of accessories and LED options.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - lunic range


You have a small bathroom, but want a luxury style and look. Lunic deleivers this in spades. It saves space, giving you freedom of movement, but offers a large volume basin despite a lack of depth. The range is avialable in ten front finishes from high gloss, pine, walnut reproduction, a graphite and mocha horizontal grain.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - pineo range


This range comes with deep pull out drawers with LED complimentary lighting showing off angular aesthetics with all the storage space you could need in a bathroom. It is a squarer style that focuses on the ceramic basin and give sthe option of seven front colours and finishes to choose from. If you like great lines this is for you.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - PCON wheelchair range

PCON Wheelchair

The PCON Wheelchair accessible bathroom by Peipal not only reflects the current changing trends, but also delivers specific customer requirements for individuals. The PCON range has height adjustable vanity units for the wheelchair user who wants the very best in bathroom design. No compromise needed with this stylish design.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 6005 range

Solitaire 6005

Simplicity combined with design perfection is a feature of the Solitair 6005 range. Vanity units with elegant curves around the front provide the visual focus and highlight in the bathroom. It is available in five wood finishes as well as high gloss and is accompanied by a host of accessories.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 6900 range

Solitaire 6900

This range comes in 4 cabinet widths providing the felxibility that is often needed in bathrooms, especially if they are an awkward shape or are small in size. There are five available carcass and front finishes and the option of sensor switch lighting for optimal lighting requirements.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 7005 range

Solitaire 7005

The feature of the Solitaire 7005 range is the combination of stunning curved and flat fronts in range of wood grain or colour finishes. It offers small space solutions to spa inspired options. With free standing or wall hung storage options clutter becomes less of an issue.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 7010 range

Solitaire 7010

This design range provides a new aspect to bathroom unit design by offering a handleless design should you fancy it. If not fear not, this 7010 range by Pelipal can provide the units with handles too. It is a durable and contemporary style with a lacquered finish available in 3 coloured front finishes.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 7020 range

Solitaire 7020

This show stopping style of bathroom. On offer is a freestanding rotating mirrored cabinet and a bench seat providing freedom in the bathroom. The exquisite washbasin counter increases the freestanding appeal with nicely designed chrome feet. It has the option of the LEDplus mirror range allowing control over the lighting in your bathroom space.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - solitaire 7025 range

Solitaire 7025

This range is designed to be elegant with a flowing nature reflected in the soft undulating continuous curves that run through the design of this range. The lighting system gives the vanity unit a floating appearance. It has montion sensor lighting for easy use of the bathroom at night and will suit families and couples alike.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - sonic range


This is a wall mounted range has both carcass and front finish options from white gloss to 7 different wood finishes. The basin is available in mineral, glass or marble. The vanity unit has metal drawers with soft close technology and chrome handles. Threre is ample storage space and has various LED options to use your lighting as a statement.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - tiva range


The latest lighting concepts have been used on the Tiva range to help create a relaxing and harmonious bathroom space. There are 6 choices for the fronts and carcasses which do not lack storage space. Basins come in marble or mineral and makes the most of LED technology for the mirror lighting. This is indeed a sleek and practical range.

pelipal German Bathroom makers - vialo range


This range like to exude harmony. The cabinets have gently curved fronts, giving an understated level of elegance. Energy efficient LED lighting is used to show off the design to its maximum potential making a focal point of beautifully made basins. With the addition of mirrors made to make a statement, it all comes together in perfect harmony.

pelipal bathrooms

Highlights of

pelipal specifications

Colour Variety

All Pelipal design ranges have a large varieties of colour to help match your own style and home.


Laser technology is used to create edges without joints that are top quality and look perfect.


With Pelipal's cutting edge fittings, you are guaranteed absolutely silent shutting of all doors and drawers.


All Pelipal's products are independently tested. All thier furniture carries the RAL-quality seal, having undergone strict tests and continuous quality controls.


Pelipal have 105 years experience in the furniture industry and this brings high quality, reliable, consistent function and modern design that can tackle the demands of future trends.


The LED accented deisgns form Pelipal match the feel of the days. Bright freshness in the morning and softness in the evening, giving a relaxing spa feel to releive the stress of the day and are boith efficient and durable.

Sensor Switch

Pelipal's newest designs incorporate light switches that are elegant an are completely level leaving your bathroom deisgn completely free of moving parts.