Lighting is essential for bringing life to a home space. Lighting helps us to appreciate a beautiful interior as well as fully enhancing it.

Kitchens need to be bright to deal with everyday tasks, but that light needs to become subtle and intimate during the evening.

Bedroom lighting requires it to be bright and able to cope with the task of reading and dressing. The light needs to compliment the space by being warm and relaxing giving ambience in a soft and gentle manner.

Bathroom lighting needs to cope with multiple tasks providing an ambient relaxing atmosphere, but also being able to cope with a steamy, humid and wet environment.

Check out our LED range below to see how lighting can personalise your home spaces.

LED Lighting

Lighting range on offer

aluminium body light


Brushed aluminium body.

brushed nickel light

Metal Body

Available in brushed nickel and copper.

copper light

Metal Body

Available in copper and brushed nickel.

smoked glass light


Smoked glass body.

smoked glass light


Smoked glass body.

led aluminium pendant light

Metal Body

Aluminium finish.

Metal Body

Metal body in white and orange.

Metal Body

Metal body in black and green.

Metal Body

Metal body in grey and white.

glass & chrome

Glass and chrome body.


Chrome metal body.

Crystal & Chrome

Crystal and chrome body.


Satined glass shade.


Available in white, black & brushed nickel.


Available in black and white.


Chrome and aluminium.



LED lighting is possibly the biggest step forward in lighting since the light bulb was first invented over 100 years ago.

LED Tape & Profile

LED tape is very flexiblelighting. It is primarily used as accent lighting but can also be used used lighting for tasks. Using an aluminium profile to house the LED tape gives you numerous aesthetic options including the choice to have your LED tape discretely recessed or attractively mounted on the under-surface of a cabinet. Lighting effects can be altered with different grades of diffuser. Clear diffusers give a continuous sharp light and frosted diffusers a softer illumination. Tape is easy to fit, low maintenance and some tapes are even silicone coated making them splash proof and easy to clean.


With RGB LED Lighting you can create millions of colours as well as bright and pure white light. The principle works in the same way your TV does. Each light emitting diode (LED) can be controlled independently to produce red, green or blue (RGB) light, allowing you to choose a colour that perfectly matches your mood. These can be controlled with a controller or Wi-Fi enables apps for your phone or tablet.

LED advantages

top reasons to use LED Lighting


LED lights are not as big and bulcky as traditional light bulbs and can be used in new ways, from flexible LED tape to slim fittings. This opens up new creative ways to light your home.

RGB Colour

This type of light covers the full spectrum of light that is visible to the human eye. It can be as bright as daylight or it can provide the low warm feeling given by a candle and can produce millions of varied colours to match your mood or required ambience.


With hand held controllers or Wi-Fi enabled smartphone apps you can have control of your lights at your fingertips or if that's too high tec for you you can have traditional dimming units.

Environmental responsibility

LEDs are much more efficient that traditional light bulbs , in fact up to 90% more efficient and they have a life span of up to 25 years. This has a much lower impact on the environment through power consuption and product development environmental impact.