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Our kitchens are carefully selected from high quality branded European suppliers, ensuring you the very latest in cutting edge design and innovation. Our portfolio consists of over 50 ranges including high gloss lacquers, carbon acrylic and bespoke handmade furniture.

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Who we are

Classique Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms are a Carlisle, Cumbria based German Kitchen specialist. We provide a very high standard of service, based upon the principals of professionalism, honesty, fairness and intimate design knowledge. Browse through our website to see what Classique Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms have to offer.

What we do

We work with you to create an innovative unique kitchen designed to your personal taste. Classique Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms perceive each individual project as an invitation to drive our creative design skills to the limit in applying a healthy dose of new thinking.

Why us?

Many of our ranges are built on a modular system enabling us to create your dream kitchen. The benefit of such systems is that we are able to tailor your kitchen to suit you and your lifestyle. Our clients are extremely important to us; which is why we take extra care and consideration to your specific, individual requirements. Classique Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms provide outstanding, honest design advice including those simple but vital finishing touches to your personalised kitchen.

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kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms

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schuller german kitchens


We design & install a full range of German kitchen manufacturers including; Neiburg, Schüller and Störmer. To match these outstanding kitchens we have a full range of appliances from; Aga, Bosch, Faber, Neff & Siemens and sinks & taps from famous names of Blanco, Franke & Kohler.

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Nolte Delbruck bedrooms


Our bedrooms are provided by Nolte Delbruck. They create exceptional bespoke bedroom furniture for all home styles and tastes. They are made with a made to measure system that will bring your dream bedroom into reality using innovative and creative solutions.

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compab bathrooms


Our bathrooms are supplied by Compab and Pelipal. Compab design is a blend of tradition and creative design, with a sharp focus on continuous improvement. Pelipal provides reliable quality with design that is timeless, showing a sense for tradition, whilst following trends, giving you furniture for today and tomorrow.

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Fresh design Solutions

Internal drawers

One of the best solutions for creating a more user-friendly pantry is using internal pull-out drawers instead of shelves. By using pull-out drawers, you can easily access items stored at the very back, and it saves you from bending down and trying to reach into an awkward space.

Appliance Cabinet

The kettle, toaster and maybe coffee machine are the most commonly used small appliances in kitchens, so you won’t want to have them hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, and have to remove them every time you want to use them. Likewise, you might not necessarily want to have them on show on your worktop. So what’s the solution? Consider an appliance cabinet that sits directly on your worktop, so you can easily slide items in and out on the bench.

Corner cabinet pull-out

There are lots of corner pull-out accessories available today to suit both under worktop and above worktop corner cabinets. A pull-out accessory will make it a lot easier for you to store items in your corner cabinet, as you will be able to access everything stored in the back and won’t have to worry about looking for things.

Under cabinet gadgets

The space under your overhead cabinets can be a great place to gain some extra valuable storage. Use some specially designed under cabinet storage racks to store items such as spices close to your hob, so you don’t have to rummage in the pantry every time you need a spice.
There are also racks that can be used to store wine glasses, wine bottles and even herbs. They not only add an extra element of functionality to your kitchen, but they look great, too.
Add some under cabinet lights to really make a statement and brighten your work space.

Bi-folding doors

You might have a cabinet in your kitchen that would be more functional if you could leave the doors open without them interfering too much with the surrounding space. If you have a walk-in pantry, it’s nice if you can leave the doors open while you are cooking so that you can easily walk in and out of the pantry without having to open and close a door each time. Or, maybe you don’t have space for a separate utility room in your home and need to incorporate some space for your washing machine and dryer in your kitchen. You don’t want to have these appliances on show but they need to be easily accessed. Consider putting them in a cabinet that has either pocket doors that open and then slide away on either side of the cabinet or bi-folding doors that open back together against an adjacent wall or cabinet. Both options will allow you to leave the cabinet doors open while you are using the appliances, and can be hidden away when you are finished. No one would even know they are there.

Tall storage

Storage, storage, storage! We all crave extra storage in every part of our home, but mostly the kitchen.
If you have high ceilings, consider building an extra row of cabinets above your kitchen instead of leaving it empty. Sure, they will be high and not easy to access on a daily basis, however, they will add valuable storage space to your kitchen. Use them to store items that you don’t use very regularly, such as items that you only use once a year, like at Christmas time. Keeping these lesser used items up high will free up more space in your lower cabinets for items that you use every day.

Pop-up sockets

Having an island unit is great in any kitchen. It creates a central hub for people to gather around and it also creates a big empty work space for you.
Pop-up sockets are an excellent way to incorporate power in your island. They sit flush with your worktop when you are not using them and easily pop up out of the top when you want to plug something in. They are available with varying amounts of power points, and some are even available with USB points, so you can plug your iPad in to read your recipes when you are cooking.
Incorporating power points into your island unit is a great way to optimise the functionality of your island. This will allow you to plug in items such as mixers and blenders to your island, making for a more practical workspace.

Herbs and knives

Rummaging through your cutlery and utensil drawer to find the knife you are looking for is frustrating – and dangerous! Likewise, none of us enjoy rooting through the pantry to find the jar of chilli flakes when you are in the middle of cooking up a storm. Look for some drawer organisers that store items such as herbs and spice jars neatly, so you can see the labels and easily find what you are looking for. Also look for utensil organisers such as in-drawer knife blocks. They will help you to store your knives safely, and you won’t have to look far to find the one you need.

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Let Classique Kitchens in Carlisle, Cumbria bring your dream kitchen to life. Kitchens are no longer just for cooking and storing food, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens and it's very important to find a kitchen that works for you. A kitchen design should suit your household whilst providing style and function. In the UK kitchen space is often a premium and a lot of us have to work with a small space. Whatever your space or budget, Classique Kitchens will help you create a kitchen you'll love.

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Schuller gloss handle less kitchen with Mistral solid surface worktop.

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recent kitchen design and installation by classique kitchens in Carlisle Cumbria

Störmer Kitchen

Stormer handle less kitchen with laminate worktops and Smegg appliances.

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what people say about us

Another lovely lunch with lovely friends, sitting in our beautiful new kitchen. And within 20 minutes everything was tidied, cleared and dishwashered (is that a word??) Thanks again Paul, Kelly and team!


Thank you so much for our new kitchen. You put so much thought into the design and gave us all we wanted and more smile emoticon Carl made a superb job of fitting it. Couldn't be happier x


I have just had a new kitchen fitted by Classique Kitchens, I can honestly say I've never dealt with so many lovely professional people, from Paul & Kelly to the joiners Carl & John. My kitchen is perfect I love it! Maybe a bathroom next...... x


Fabulous service from start to finish thanks to Paul and Kelly and the rest of the family team. Highly recommended and I love my kitchen.


I've posted a comment on my own page but have to repeat it here. If you're thinking of a new kitchen you should give Classique Kitchens of Port Road a visit. This is a local family business who want perfection and that is exactly what they give their customers. We can't fault anything they've done, it's gorgeous - not just our words! The two guys who took the template and fitted the worktop were equally superb. We'll done Classique!